Crossroads children`s animation club organises holiday programs for children to participate in art ,design, animation and voice acting.
This practical experience is entertaining and educational as children learn literacy skills, analytical and practical skills that inform their judgment.

Kids' Programs

Saturday Programme:
1. Time : 9am-12pm
2. Duration: 15days
3. Age: 6-12years

Holiday Programme: Jan/Feb
1. Time:9am-12pm
2. Duration: 15days
3. Age: 6-12years
4. Days: Tue, Wed and Thur

Summer Programme: July
1. Time:9am-12pm
2. Duration: 4 Weeks
3. Age: 6-12 years
4. Days: Thur, Fri and Sat

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Story Writing Activities

Children will be taught how to develop and write stories for animation content production

Art/Cartoon Drawing

Children learn how to draw for animation mainly focusing on using digital tools, end result producing character drawing and storyboards.

Voice Acting For Cartoon

Children are taught to make voices for the cartoons, based on action, emotional and interpretation.

Computer Animation

Children are taught to use computer programs to make animation projects, based on a project base learning. End of the training to show case their work.