At Crossroads we have worked on three short films;- Imitate, The Vow, and The Runaway Rolex

Imitate 2013

Imitate short animation, is about a man who goes out to sell hats on the very hot day, he rides his bicycle up the hill and gets tired. He sits under the mango tree to have a rest putting on one of his huts and he gets asleep.

The monkeys on the tree, look down see this man putting on a hut covering his head, they come down and pick the hats from the bicycle put them on imitating him.

Best animation film Award 2013

Winner the at the Uganda Film Festivals

Director`s Award

The Uganda Nile`s Diaspora International Film Festivals 2014.

The Vow 2014

A Shot Animation film, based on an African folk story.

The Vow, is a short award winning animation film produced at the Crossroads Digital Multimedia, Animation Studio in 2014. The Vow is about a long time African folk tale that describes the great friendship that once existed between a man and a Mouse. The Vow also shows how the friendship was destroyed and the effects

Best animation film Award 2014

Winner the at the Uganda Film Festivals

The Runaway Rolex 2016

A shot film based the children`s book written by Joselin

The runaway Rollex, a short animated film written by Joselin based from the suburb of Kampala, a capital city of Uganda, Kabagala.The story is about Uganda, Char pit which is commonly called a Rolex and a Border rider (Motorcycle).

The Rolex was made for a Border Rider to be eaten, when he gets home for dinner. It escaped from his hands and runaway. the Rolex was chest by stray(Street) dogs and it escape in to the Pig`s cage was  eaten by the pig.

Best animation film Award 2016

Winner the at the Uganda Film Festivals